The Veerhaven is managed by Stichting Veerhaven Rotterdam.

The Foundation aims to preserve the Veerhaven as a maritime and cultural heritage of the city of Rotterdam. She aims to achieve this goal by promoting the Veerhaven as a home for seagoing sailing ships with a historical character; a marina for larger ocean-going sailing vessels; a marina for sailing vessels with a historical character; a marina for yachts calling at Rotterdam; a home port for maritime events. In addition, the foundation aims to preserve the former floating office of the Rotterdam River Police (now ‘Bureau Veerhaven”) and to use this as a harbourmaster’s office.

The Foundation is responsible for a balanced admission policy and a good facilities level. When admitting they strive for the best possible diversity of vessel types.

The board

President Frans de Vries Lentsch
Secretary Gjalt Elenbaas
Treasurer Elsa de Winter
Harbor commissionar Pieta Kluijtenaar
Member Gerard Wuisman
Member Felix Moonen