Veerhaven rotterdam

The Veerhaven is a place where locals dream of the old days when beautiful sea-going yachts of the Royal Yacht Club “De Maas” were moored there. Nowadays it is the homeport of, amongst others, sea-going schooners and luggers which, renovated and again put into service, keep the rich maritime history of Rotterdam alive.

The Veerhaven is located in the maritime quarter (Scheepvaartkwartier) and is widely known as one of the most beautiful spots of Rotterdam. At this location, the character of historic Rotterdam is still present. Because of its location and facilities the Veerhaven hosts many large internationally sailing vessels. In addition, it operates as a port of call for yachts in transit. The Veerhaven is also the base of several maritime events.

Visit and use of the Veerhaven, a historic and unique part of Rotterdam, is definitely worthwhile.